The mission of the Fondation des Possibles

At the Fondation des Possibles, with our collective of companies, we bring together committed actors, we encourage, co-construct, and act so that young people far removed from the professional world find their place there and build their future.



We believe that each person is unique . We are convinced that everyone, accompanying or accompanied, has a talent, a desire and which is just waiting to emerge.


We approach projects with modesty. We are in a discourse of truth, and respect for each person's journey , so that the talents we support find the right path towards the professional world.


We know that the collective creates value and that listening and exchange enable innovation and action.


We have the capacity to act by adapting our thoughts and solutions to the different integration challenges.

The birth of the Fondation des Possibles

At the end of 2016, the Fondation des Possibles was born.

At the origin of the project, Pierre de Saintignon, driven by the conviction of a necessary alliance between social actors and economic actors to meet the challenges of professional integration of young people far from employment.

This conviction leads to the creation of a unique structure in France: a multi-company and operating Foundation, whose mission is to act in a direct and concrete manner, by involving the employees of its members.

The journey of the Fondation des Possibles: from emergence to inclusion


1st term

During a first 5-year term (2016-2021), in a context of strong social and economic crisis, the Fondation des Possibles, with its 22 founding companies, is experimenting and developing its first actions.

It was during this first mandate that the Foundation's flagship actions were born: the Youth/Business Meetings, the Winning Journey Prize and the Forum of Possibles.


2nd term

In 2022, a second 5-year term began in a completely different context.

The job market is more dynamic but it does not benefit everyone and inequalities are increasing. Many young people remain distant from the professional world and are increasingly difficult to reach.

By strengthening co-construction and innovation with its companies, collaborators and committed stakeholders, the Foundation wishes to diversify and multiply its actions.

Objective of this 2nd mandate: amplify the social impact and support more and more young people in their professional integration.