Provoke the meeting

Through its numerous projects, the Fondation des Possibles connects young people far from the professional world with employees of partner companies.

Evolutionary meetings: Moving forward together towards the professional world

If we offer different meeting formats which constantly evolve and adapt to our audience, the objective always remains the same: we want these exchanges to advance young people in their journey towards the professional world by giving them self-confidence, by listening to their career path and their professional desires, by sharing with them stories of life in business, by advising them in the development of their project, by expanding their network, by introducing them to sectors of activity, etc.

In particular, we offer two constantly evolving actions to meet different needs: the Workshops course and the Forum of Possibles.

Among the workshops that we regularly offer, you can find:

Self-confidence workshop

Offered first in the course, the workshop allows young people to improve their self-confidence through several exercises led by a specialized coach.

Better self-confidence often turns out to be the first tool that makes a difference in the career path of the young people we support.

The CV/interview workshop

This workshop offers each young person the opportunity to interact with a business professional.

During the interview, the employee can advise the young person on their CV, simulate a job interview, give them ideas for their professional project... each interview is different and adapted to each person's needs!

The Digital Tools Workshop

During this workshop, an employee discusses with a group of young people the key digital tools in a professional career: applying online, developing your network, creating and maintaining a LinkedIn account, etc.

The Meetings in Business Workshop

Ultimately, if a young person is interested in one of our companies or wishes to discover a particular sector of activity, meetings with professionals in the field can be organized on the premises, so that they can share their journey and their experience. directly to their workplace!

The Forum of Possibilities

The Fondation des Possibles organizes forums allowing young people to meet and discuss in a personalized manner with employees from each of the companies involved.

It is an opportunity for them to confirm a professional project, to discover new sectors of activity, to expand their network and to leave with concrete ideas concerning their professional project.

The forums are organized according to two models:

  • forums co-constructed directly with one of our partners in their premises and intended for their young people (Jean Moulin high school in Roubaix, Epide in Cambrai, etc.).
  • forums organized within the MEL and open to all!