Immersed in the first Mini Entreprise S of the Fondation des Possibles

Mouna, a communications student, participated for the first time in a Mini Entreprise S for the Fondation des Possibles. She tells us about her experience.

Tuesday, May 23, the first Mini Entreprise S of the Fondation des Possibles took place with the association Undertake to Learn within the premises of the Cofidis group.

As a young 19 year old, I didn't know what to expect that day. From 8:30 a.m., we are warmly welcomed with breakfast in a spacious room. All the other young people arrive and we notice that no one knew what we were going to do that day. The suspense is at its height and we are all gathered together to have the instructions for the day. We are therefore more than 50 young people and around ten adults in the same room. All young people are supported in their integration journey by the Foundation's partner structures such as Epide, Mission Locale, E2C, etc.

To begin with, the course of the day and a framework are imposed on us in order to collectively respond to a problem: “How can we ensure that the Fondation des Possibles reaches more young people?” ".

Afterwards, we are divided into groups. So here we are in another room with several round tables forming our different teams. The groups are chosen randomly using game cards. We were all separated, on each table almost no one knew each other. Each team has its mentor, a collaborator from one of the Fondation des Possibles companies, who will guide them in the creation of their mini company in order to respond to the given problem.

The objective of this day is to present our Mini Enterprise with a poster and a 1m30 pitch where each young person is obliged to speak at least once in front of a jury made up of Mélanie Vanhove, project manager at the Fondation des Possibles, by Aurore Feret, solidarity accommodation coordinator at Souffle du Nord and Christophe Crocfer, in charge of Hauts de France Regional Coordination Mission at Epide. This jury gives its opinion, asks questions and awards a jury favorite prize. In addition, each team will have to vote for their favorite project in order to award the mini-entrepreneurs' favorite prize.

So that we can imagine our Mini Business and create group cohesion with people we don't know, we first discussed together so that we could build links between us, we asked questions to the mentor and mini challenges were offered to us so that we learned to collaborate quickly as a team.

The mentors:

Armelle MOUGENOT – La Fondation des Possibles, Cédric BOUFFLERS – Leroy Merlin, Sophie POCHWALSKI – CGI, Sophie LEGRAND – COFIDIS, Billie-Celia NJO – Manpower, Florent STOLA – CGI, Jérôme SCHATTEMAN – Ambiance TP

The first 10 minutes, we found it a little complicated and we didn't understand why we were there, but as the day progressed, we all got a taste for the challenge, we were fully committed to achieving it and having the best presentation in order to win the prize. Everyone's ideas are taken into account, speech within the group is respected, we feel mutual listening, there is no judgment or malice. Coming from different backgrounds, we were able to create a bond between us and it was beautiful to see and experience. In the end, we look like a real mini company and share a common project that is close to our hearts and we are convinced that it can work.

When it comes time to present our project, the stress is at its height, we speak on the microphone in front of almost a hundred people and especially in front of a jury who notes what we say. We look at each other, we motivate each other, we support each other, we breathe in, we breathe out and we go. What is remarkable is that even the shyest were able to go beyond their shyness and were able to show what they were capable of. Even if our project was not chosen by the juries and the other young people, we emerged from this experience with new skills that we were able to develop. Happy and satisfied with our presentation, we have no regrets about the choices we made during this challenge. This day brought us joy, good humor, team cohesion, listening, surpassing ourselves, confidence, self-esteem and many other beautiful qualities. Our soft skills are boosted and we return home happy with what we have accomplished!

Jury's favorite prize

The proposed project is the creation of a TikTok account in order to target more young people.

Favorite prize for mini-entrepreneurs

The proposed project is the creation of various events (sport, animals, environment, etc.) in order to bring young people together to find their path.

Every day, let's try to make things possible! 😉

Written by Mouna FOUNAQA , in communications internship at the Fondation des Possibles