The new identity of the Fondation des Possibles

For more than a year, the Fondation des Possibles has been thinking about changing its identity, in a desire to increase its visibility and notoriety to assert itself as a major player in the professional integration of young people.

With the help of a communications agency, the Fondation des Possibles can today assert its communications strategy and a new graphic identity.

A clearly defined mission, a vision, values, but also a baseline, including a brand new graphic charter with a modern and dynamic logo, the Fondation des Possibles is ready to assert itself and differentiate itself among its audiences.

This new communication strategy allows us to gain in modernity and dynamism, while remaining who we are: a Foundation full of ambition and innovation which supports young people in their professional integration journey.

Together, let's meet the challenges of professional integration for young people, such is the wish and objective of the Fondation des Possibles.

To go into more detail about our new identity:

Our new logo:

Fondation des Possibles - Let's meet the challenges of professional integration

Our mission :

At the Fondation des Possibles, with our collective of companies, we bring together committed actors, we encourage, co-construct, and act so that young people far removed from the professional world find their place there and build their future.

Our values ​​:

  • Optimism: we fundamentally believe in the individual and we are convinced that behind each of the people we support, there is a talent just waiting to emerge.
  • Sincerity: we are in a discourse of truth and respect for each person’s journey.
  • Cooperation: we highlight collective and exchange.
  • Agility: we make sure to adapt our thoughts to the different integration challenges that present themselves to us.

We wanted to use the bridge that you find in our logo to highlight several symbols:

Bridge: a link that unites organizations involved in the territories, businesses and young people far from the professional world.

Meeting: meetings, exchanges which reveal talents, journeys where everything is possible.

Collective: a collective which aims to be the common point between organizations involved in the territories, businesses and young people. The circle, creator of value.

Optimism: we believe in the individual. Optimism and kindness.

Drive: we drive and develop concrete projects.

Agility: ability to act by adapting our thoughts and solutions to the different integration challenges.

Thanks to this new identity, the Foundation hopes to further clarify its position with its targets.

Katline Bessaguet - Communications intern